Role Play Competition



The Northeast Intercollegiate Sales Competition is a tournament-style competition that includes a first-round, quarterfinals, semifinals and a final round. Contestants are evaluated on their approach and rapport, needs identification, presentation, handling of objections, closing, and communications skills.


In each round, individual competitors will role-play a 10-minute sales meeting with a fictional company. Representatives from our Corporate Sponsors act as the buyers, prospects of the students’ sales pitch and judges during the role play. Competitors goals range from getting a second appointment to making the sale. However, the focus of the competition is on the demonstration of sales skills rather than the outcome of the call. Five students from each participating college or university are invited to compete.


Training Information

  1. Thoroughly review the case materials and judging criteria for the competition
  2. Must check-in 20 minutes prior to their scheduled role-play time (see schedule for check in station location)
  3. You will be instructed on when to leave the check in station and head to the door of your sales call. Do not enter the room until a volunteer moderator tells you it is time to go in.
  4. Your time begins when you knock on the door.
  5. You will have 10 minutes for your sales meeting.
  6. You will hear a knock on the door when you have approximately 2 minutes left.
  7. A volunteer moderator will open the door to your competition room when your time is up. Anything that you say after your time is up is not counted in the scoring. Be sure to watch your time so that you get the close before the allotted time is up.
  8. You will be given one minute of feedback from the judges.
  9. A volunteer moderator will let you know when the minute is up.
Buyers and Judges
  1. Must review the case materials and judging instructions prior to the competition
  2. Must attend the judges training on Friday afternoon prior to the first round.
  3. Must check-in 20 minutes prior to your scheduled round (see schedule for check in station location)
  4. Upon entering the room write the student's name and school on the score sheet.
  5. Stay in the competition room until the end of the round. It is important that the entire competition run on time as scheduled.
  6. Please provide one-minute of thoughtful, constructive feedback to each competitor after their round.
  7. To ensure fair scoring we ask that judges do not discuss the competitor's performance after the round. You should be scoring based on your individual, professional opinion of his or her sales skills as outlined on the scoring sheet.
  8. Please give the competition your full attention. Schedule calls and other matters for times outside of your scheduled judging/buying times.

Speed Sell Competition



You are pitching to a company representative why they should hire you to be part of their company. Begin your pitch with an introduction and then list off 2-3 adjectives to describe yourself. From there, you should back up those adjectives with meaningful experiences and examples that demonstrate each quality about yourself. Lastly, end the pitch by giving a call to action — (this can be as simple as asking for an opportunity to interview with the firm).


Prepare and practice a 60-second introductory elevator pitch you will give to 3 different company representatives at the event.


  1. You will be seated at a table with several other students and a judge (company representative)
  2. Write your name and school on the score sheet provided. When it is your turn, hand your score sheet to the judge
  3. The pitch DOES NOT have to be tailored to the individual company. All you are doing is pitching yourself
  4. You will be cut off at 60 seconds
  5. You will then make your way to two more tables giving the same pitch to two more judges
  6. Smile and have a good time!

New for 2018 — This year we will be hosting an additional Spanish Language Speed Sell Competition! This competition will follow the same format as the Speed Sell Competition but performed entirely in Spanish.


Review the Speed Sell Score Sheet to understand the judging criteria. All students registered for NISC are expected to participate in the Speed Sell Competition.


Social Media Competition



Participate in the social media competition by following @NISC_Bryant on Twitter and using the hashtag #NISC_Bryant.


There are prizes for:

  1. Best Business Selfie
  2. Most Popular Tweet
  3. Best Group Photo
  4. Best Employer Advice

Awards and Regulations



  • Individual awards are based on an individual competitors performance
  • Team awards are based on the combined cumulative scores of the top two teammates from each school
  • The top 3 competitors in the Speed Sell Competition will receive awards
  • We will choose one winner for each category of the Social Media Competition


Five students from each participating college or university are eligible to compete in the Role-Play Competition. All students registered for NISC are expected to participate in the Speed Sell Competition. Students not competing in the Role-Play Competition are encouraged to attend and participate in the exclusive networking event, skill building sessions, leadership building sessions and other activities as attendees. If competition space becomes available, these students will have the first option to change their registration status from “attendee” to “competitor.”


All undergraduate contestants must be considered full-time collegiate students.